Granisetron HCl
Ramosetron HCl
Plant Extract
Pharmaceutical Machinery
Rotary Evaporator
Glass Reactor
Water / Oil Bath
Low Temperature Coolant Circulating Pump
Constant Heating Cooling Refrigeratory Circulating System
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  • Supply best quality product
    Factory side quality report, our side quality inspect, customer end quality check. We assure our best service and satisfy you with best quality product. 

  • Prompt reply on your inquiry
    We will submit detailed report including supplier information on each of your inquiry within shortest time. We hope our high efficiency will satisfy you as real-time business negotiation. 

  • Make wise decision on best supplier
    We will report supplier's facility situation and QA system details. We can also arrange GMP inspection to candidates for you and report you.

  • Custom-Synthesis and Toll manufacturing
    Give us target chemical information, we will arrange lab-trial in our factory and submit lab sample in reasonable time. Custom-Synthesis and Toll manufacturing is warmly welcome. Our factory has strong technology support and we are experienced. We are expert to introduce good partner for your project.


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Add:3 Da Fu Nan Cun, Wuxi,
        Jiangsu, China
Zip: 214081
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